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Greg Purkey - Owner of California Aqua Pros

Greg Purkey

Creativity and high-quality workmanship have been the hallmarks of Greg Purkey and his team at California Aqua Pros since 1993. From Yosemite-inspired waterfalls to Japanese-style ponds, Greg's versatility and talent are apparent in his custom-designed water features. He masterfully captures each client's individual taste and dreams, and matches them to the space. All of the company's ponds, pools, waterfalls and other exotic water installations are custom-made and one of a kind.

Liner vs. Concrete

Our views concerning the debate on Liner vs. Concrete.

Ponds can be built using several types of materials, however, concrete and liner are most common. But which is really the best?

Many landscapers and contractors install concrete ponds because it is what they know. However, being that our beginnings come from 3 generations of experience in the pool and water feature business we have become very familiar with concrete structures.

Concrete has some inherent problems:

  1. Cracking and leaks due to ground movement or improper construction.
  2. The leaching of lime which causes higher pH and alkalinity.
  3. Once a boulder or cobblestone is set in concrete it becomes very difficult to change.
  4. Repairs can be costly and difficult.

EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer, a type of rubber) liners, on the other hand, give great flexibility for the placement of those large boulders and an ease for building exactly as laid out and dug. It also, makes it much easier to integrate the edge of the pond with the landscaping. EPDM liners are fish-safe and do not require a special water-sealing cement or mortar to return the water.